Here's just a small sampling of information about how we home educate.


Chicago, Illinois

We spend as much time as possible in and around the city, soaking up real life. At one point we were members at every single museum downtown. Now we pick and choose just two a year and really get to know each place.


We read

I love getting first crack at a new release title, but our shelves are bursting with out of print titles. In many ways old books have been way more useful than textbooks to us. We also frequent The Chicago Public Library.

Lots of people seem to interested in our homeschool method which I would best describe as Creative Classical. We aspire to the full schedule of The Well Trained Mind while using Charlotte Mason methods and a bit of Waldorf (without the anti technology angle- I'm an early adopter of all things tech).

I've been at this since 2001, so not only do I like switching it up, after five kids with different learning styles I know no box curriculum will work for us as written.

For those curriculum junkies out there I'm planning our 2017/18 year now. I'm using Oak Meadow 6 as a jumping off point. You can see some of my plans on this Pinterest board. 


Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

We Travel

Anytime we get the chance we go to some other corner of the world. My kids have gone as far as India and as close as the Wisconsin Dells.