Property of the Rebel Librarian

It’s hard for me to imagine a world where this could take place. Unfortunately, it may not be too far away.

June’s parents don’t want her reading any “scary witch books,” and when they find that she has checked one out of the school library, her Mom returns it to the library herself. That’s bad enough but then the librarian leaves with the police (that seems extreme?), and the library is closed for a while.

When it reopens, the collection has been culled only to include approved titles.

June starts her own library to circulate books she finds in a Little Free Library near her home.

I love books about books and readers. Here’s my elevator pitch: It’s kinda Middle-Grade version of the Footloose town with books being banned instead of dancing. I thought it was inspiring and set a great example of overcoming censorship and one person standing up and making a difference.

Property of the Rebel Librarian by Allison Varnes

September 18, 2018