Book Birthdays!

Doing my homework at the last minute, still better late than never- right? All these books are available TODAY.

YA Classic Horror

While reading, I had the same thoughts that you get watching a horror movie; I adore that anticipatory lump in my throat as you mentally prepare for a good jump scare. You know, how you start to suspect one thing and then something worse happens? That's this book- delightfully creepy.



For the Win. The Goddess of Chocolate and a dog worth saving made this one jump to the top of our TBR list. Zane and the New Mexico setting gave it a permanent place on our shelf.

Banned Books

and kids doing something about it intrigued me.Here’s my elevator pitch: It’s kinda Middle Grade version of the Footloose town with books being banned instead of dancing. I thought it was inspiring and set a great example of overcoming censorship.