Star Wars Reading and Math Workbooks- A Review

Workman Publishing continues to share some great homeschool supplements with us. This week I've got copies of Star Wars Reading and Math to preview. Talk about high-interest subjects. I don't know many 9 to 11-year-olds that wouldn't want to do math when the problems say:

Imagine a group of 7 Jedi can lift seven times as much mass as one Jedi alone. If one Jedi can lift 80 kilograms How many kilograms can 7 Jedi lift?

Or what if these were your Spelling words?  

Hermit, Council, Alliance, Magnetic, Government, Corruption, Fatal, Fugitive

These are the kind of workbooks I like to use when we are in between subjects, as a Summer bridge, or if I have a substitute teacher (yes, even homeschoolers sometimes need a sub)

Verdict- Buy

I wish these went all the way through 8th grade.