Merely being on the planet of Gaia is illegal, the last thing scavenger Amelia Radcliffe, "Mia" to her friends, needs is the interference of a self-righteous, and a bit bumbling academic - namely one Jules Addison. It is with some hesitation and a few secrets that the two team up to reach one of the Temples left behind by the former occupants, The Undying. I appreciated the sci-fi and dystopian elements, as well as the continued moral ambiguity in study and exploration for its sake, and needing to make giant technological leaps with disregard for the consequences to save a dying planet. There are puzzles to solve, and mercenaries to dodge - and everything seems to want to kill the pair. This tale is a fabulous Indiana Jones-style adventure, full of twists, and betrayal, and will have all readers running straight over the cliffhanger ending, screaming to the stars for book two. 

Verdict- Buy

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Unearthed By Amie Kaufman


Jennifer Naughton

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