Hot on the Trail of Ancient Egypt

I guess this is a sort of re-release of an older book? We must have missed the previous edition. Anyhow, the Binkerton kids enter the mysterious Good Times Travel Agency, and when they open a travel guide, they are whisked back in time. The only way to return home is to read through the entire guide to the end. Of course, it's not that easy as they have a few adventures along the way.  I liked the fact that this graphic novel was filled with legit info about Ancient Egypt- it matched up perfectly with our ancient history curriculum and hit all the essential themes of ancient Egyptian culture: politics and government, philosophy, women's roles, activities of daily life and celebrations. I happened to receive the digital galley just after we had finished reading about Egypt and it was a fun way to wrap up that part of the study.

Hot on the Trail of Ancient Egypt By Linda Bailey

May 1, 2018