Tournament Trouble


So Jaden isn't allowed to play violent video games, and he does anyway and he gets an invitation to enter the Top Tiers Tournament. Unfortunately, participants need a parent to sign for them if they are under 13, and Jaden knows that neither of his parents will agree. He tries to sneak in with his brother's i.d., which doesn't work, but his friend 's parents are more understanding, so he manages to get signed up with his friend's father's signature. I can't say I liked the sneaking around aspect, but I know it happens. Also we are a video game family- owning almost every console in existance so I don't have to worry that my kids will start sneaking around. It was a fun, quick read and I know that middle game gamer kids will love it. 

Verdict- borrow

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Tournament Trouble (Cross Ups Book One) By Sylv Chiang March 13, 2018


Jennifer Naughton

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