The Goblin Princess: Books 1 and 2

I wish I had a six or seven year old to read to. This new series is so cute and clever.

It features a Goblin Princess, Matty, who is not as goblin like as her Mom (the Goblin Queen) would like.

The books themselves are small in stature and beautifully illustrated, perfect for the beginning reader to chapter books. They sent me hardcovers which I have already passed on to some new readers.

In book one, our Princess would like to adopt a Dragon Baby and has to convince her parents that he’ll be a bad dragon. In this world everything is opposite to ours. Even knowing that he is a sort of oddball too and fails his training and so it isn’t as straightforward as you’d think.

Eventually he wins the King over (by burning toast!) and he gets to stay at the Palace.

In book two, our Princess is back and reading about her opposite word continues to be hilarious. There is to be a Ball and everyone is busy making the palace as dirty as possible. Cobwebs need to be brought in and dust blown into each and every corner so they place looks just so.

The Goblin Princess: Books 1 and 2 by Jenny O’Connor