Small Procedural Note

A small note to my readers:

When I was powering through five books a week, I kept careful track of release dates and tried not to publish reviews very far in advance. Now that I’m down to three or fewer books a week and my writing projects, I plan on being a bit laxer.

Any actual books that show up in the mail get precedent first, but my Kindle reading is more along the lines of which book captures my fancy. So you may see a review for a book published two months ago and a book that won’t be released until 2019 in the same week.

 I’m also not reviewing anything that I didn’t like and that includes permitting myself to mark it DNF. (did not finish) My Mom raised me to be polite, and I can crank out 250 nice words about any book, but I don’t want to anymore. If the review is here, I liked it and thought that enough of you would like it too. If it isn’t- shoot me a message and ask about it. You may love it, that’s why there are so many, many books- there is something for everyone.

I’m looking at from the point of view that I am busy, this is my hobby and that I’m about to be an author myself and am aware of how bad reviews can be hurtful. That is never my intention. This page is merely a way for me to give back to the many homeschoolers who guided and gave me ideas back when I had a houseful of kids and could not keep up with new release titles. Now I can get them to read so that some of you don’t have to.