Cybils Elementary Nonfiction Finalists

Cybils Elementary Nonfiction Finalists

Art that Saves Lives

Camouflage was a new concept and was used by artists to confuse the enemy.

The Plight

of refugees is very much in the forefront of our national conciousness these days. This book is perfect for younger kids.

Animal loving kids will go nuts for this one

The second book in the World of Weird Animals series is the stuff nightmares are made of!

Shark Lady is

another nonfiction entry from Jess Keating. 

A pictorial chick

raising experience documented in this book for kids who may never get the chance to see what it's like. This was the Winner in this category!


Danza! is the story of how a young girl in Mexico City was inspired by folk dancers to become a dancer herself.

This picture book uses

“once upon a time” to set in motion the food cycle in a rainforest.

The Explorer

The Explorer

Cybils Awards MG Nonfiction Finalists

Cybils Awards MG Nonfiction Finalists