Wizard For Hire

Shortly after starting this book I began to think of it as YA as opposed to middle-grade. I would almost have divided this into two books because I enjoyed the first part before he went to school so much that I wanted to hear more about that time. 

Ozzy lives alone in the Portland forest after his folks are kidnapped. It's been ten years, and he survived on his thanks to a stuffed library (Yay book hoarding!) and a solar-powered mechanical bird that his father built before he left. After Ozzy turns 14, he takes the bus to high school and signs himself up. Much like the homeschooler he is, Ozzy learns a bit about fashion and social skills right away and eventually contacts a wizard for help in finding his parents.

I'd recommend this to kids that are hot off their re-read of Harry Potter and LOTR. It's the theme of magic that will draw them into this crazy funny story.

Verdict- Borrow

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Wizard For Hire By Obert Skye

 March 6, 2018