A World Below


The descriptions of Carlsbad Caverns were so vivid that I hardly believed that the author had never visited them. An eighth-grade class embarks on a one-day field trip down into the caverns that take a turn best described as Lord of the Flies meets Journey to the Center of the Earth. Intrigued? This book just doesn't stop action wise. Every chapter is a cliffhanger, so be warned if this is a bedtime story- there are very few good stopping points. I do not want to spoil this one at all so you'll have to trust me that its worth your time.

Please note that I received a free advance E ARC of this book from Edelweiss Plus without a review requirement or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review. Apart from that, I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.


A World Below by Wesley King March 6, 2018


Jennifer Naughton

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