Snow and Rose

If you've been reading my reviews for a while, you'll know that I am obsessed with Grimms Fairy Tales. Whenever I see a new fairy tale especially in MG/YA, I jump on it. This story has a classic, retro feel as if it were a reprint of an old book you found on the Baldwin Project.

My favorite quote-

“Ivo’s family doesn’t read,” Rose went on, ignoring Snow’s question. “People who don’t read books believe in superstition.”

The magical story of sisters Snow and Rose begins with their journey to find their father in the woods. Along the way, they are watched by the enchanted trees. They meet and become  friends with Ivo a boy they encounter in the "library" (which contains objects like rocks, glass, bones, and twine), and then they face a wretched gnome-like creature they save from being eaten, who wants to kill them. It's a grand adventure, with a surprise at the end. So much fun!

Verdict- Buy!!!!!  (I bought this one in kindle form and immediately regretted not getting a hardcover for the illustrations)

Snow and Rose By Emily Winfield Martin


Jennifer Naughton

I'm a lifelong bibliophile who happens to love children's books and who should have become a librarian. Instead I horde books in case of apocalypse or the enactment of a Fahrenheit 451 type law. My five kids accept my addiction and have learned to accept books in odd places.