March Round Up

March Round Up

Wimpy Kid Grows Up


Not the same guy, but if you have a MG reader aging up this is for them. (YA) (Release March 20)

WW2 Thriller

Historical fiction for the win. After Sarah witnesses her mother's murder she ends up with a British Spy fighting Hitler during WW2. (YA)(Release March 20)


I know, I know, this again. The kids face starvation, rebellion, work factories, illnesses and a Mengele-like Doctor. Beautifully written and deeply enthralling, this is a must read for anyone interested in WWII history.  (YA) (March 6)

STEM Girls

A book about an egg drop contest that ends up being much more than that. So funny and sciencey all at once. (MG) (March 6)




continues.Roz is captured by the Recons and returned to civilization for reprogramming. But she is a smart robot and adapts, as she did in the first book.  My review of the first book here.

Count me as 

a fan of Drest. Her adventures and bravery kept me spellbound. Perfect to add to any study of the Middle Ages. (MG) March 6, 2018



Sven Carter and The Trash mouth Effect

Sven Carter and The Trash mouth Effect