February Round Up

February Round Up

Fairy In Training



The story of a by-the-book wish granting fairy and how she learns to break the rules. (MG)(release February 13)

The ChosenOne

Who doesn't like a classic story of a boy who finds out he has magic? (MG)(releases February 6)

Hockey is Life

for Conor until his dog gets sick and he's actually at home after school. This story will resonate with sports and animal loving kids. (releases February 6)

The First


in a new series that reminds me a lot of Percy Jackson but cooler cause- girl power. (releases February 27)

The Heros Journey

with a strong female lead- and dragons!! I'm reading this one now. Review before the release date for sure. (YA) (releases February 27)

The Belles are born with Beauty

everyone else is simply grey. A mystery full of palace intrigue and some awesome world building. (YA) (Releases February 6)

Kind of a ScienceFiction 

Dystopia? Zara doesn't move to Mars with her family instead she becomes part of an elite human force that explores the universe and falls in love with her ship. (YA) (Releases February 13)

A genie

 in a peanut butter jar? Yep.

I'll have a review up on 2/ 7/18  (MG) Release date February 27, 2018

Time Travel FTW

I'm reading this right now and am loving it.

Two girls living in the same mansion in different eras switch places.

I'll have a full review on February 13 for this books birthday.

Marabel and the Book of Fate

Marabel and the Book of Fate

Bringing Me Back

Bringing Me Back