The Hazel Wood

Self-rescuing princess for the win and not in a frilly pink princess way- but a dark goth princess that can kick butt. It was so dark and twisty and is for sure a one sitting read. I love fairy tales, and it compares to the original Grimm Tales in scariness. 

Warning- this is a slow start, stick with it and go down the rabbit hole. It's also a YA without much romance which may make it an even more significant sell as there is a market for that as well.

Alice's grandmother wrote a series of fairy tales called the Hinterland. Alice and her Mom have kept on the move for her entire childhood and she has never met her Grandmother, read the stories or visited the estate called The Hazel Wood. But one day Alice comes home from school to find her mother missing and a passage from one of her grandmother's stories lying in her bed. She then teams up with a fan of her grandmother's, Finch, in the search for her mother. 

I don't want to give much away, but I don't want to undersell this one. Let's say this if you like YA fantasy, dark, scary stories that include murder as a fairy tale side dish then this is your Harry Potter. Read it now before it becomes famous.

I read this as a DRC and pre-ordered it for me.

Verdict- buy

The Hazel Wood By Melisa Albert January 30, 2018


Jennifer Naughton

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