DIY Circus Lab for Kids: A Family- Friendly Guide for Juggling, Balancing, Clowning and Show-Making (Lab Series)


I know that homeschool families sometimes struggle with finding activities for physical education that can be done with just a couple kids and circus skills are a perfect fit for that situation. Plus, they are fun and easily buildable in your own garage with easy to find materials.

I love that the book begins with the simple message that "Circus is for Everyone" and the author means it. There are extensive directions to build the props needed for each area, safety checks, special warnings for activities that need a spotter as well as what that spotter needs to be able to do. A circus history section is included and directions for putting on shows. The skills included are juggling, acrobatics, manipulation, balance, and clowning. Ariel skills are not included for safety reasons, and there is a long list of circus schools in the appendix if you decide that you have an aspiring aerialist or want to pursue training in any of the circus arts.

Verdict- Buy

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DIY Circus Lab for Kids: A Family-Friendly Guide for Juggling, Balancing, Clowning and Show-Making (Lab Series) By Jackie Leigh Davis February 13, 2018

There is no better introduction to this book better than this video that the author herself made:


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