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Middle Grade Spooky Reads

Middle Grade Spooky Reads

October is the perfect time for a spooky book. Here are some of my current favorites in the middle grade genre.

Peculiar Incident

Indeed. Is the paranormal peculiar? I'd say, yes. Real peculiar. Think Goosebumps with a believable plot.

Tessa Woodward and her family move from Florida to a real old house in Chicago. Immediately strange things start happening, and Tessa has to deal with that alongside all the regular moving to a new place and school issues. 

Luckily she meets a friend from her neighborhood, and when she starts school she meets his circle of friends, and they all end up working together to solve the mystery of what is going on in her new "old" house.

Her brother's doll is particularly creepy as are the rest of the disturbances at her house. This story is perfect for the middle school aged reader who loves being scared and solving a mystery

Set in 1918

during the influenza epidemic this mean girls turned Supernatural tale is a true ghost story.  It’s going to be hard to review this without giving away spoilers. I’ll set the stage, and you can deduce the rest. Annie is the new girl at her school. She has just moved to town with her mother and father. Influenza is killing people all over their town, and the girls get the bright idea to go to viewings pretending they know the deceased to get cake and other sweets.

I don’t want to spoil the plot any further- but know that the premise of this plot is that ghosts are real- so if that doesn’t jive with your beliefs, you think it will scare the heck out of your kid, then skip this one.

Quirky and Spooky

More Middle-grade fun. I love the world building, other reviews have said it's Harry Potteresqe- it is- but not like a rip-off- more like an alternative magical universe. I think it's more like The Golden Compass which I loved. Major HalloweenTown vibes from this one. In a perfect world, I would read it by flashlight around a campfire. The plot is quirky and a little confusing in the middle, but the good parts are so good it is forgivable. I wasn't even annoyed with the huge cliffhanger ending, so I hope there is a sequel.

Funny, Scary, Quirky

This isn't new, but it is often overlooked amongst Roald Dahl's offerings. We read it in two nights and ended up in tears laughing so hard. This reads more like a fairy tale set in fairly modern times.

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

The Antlered Ship

The Antlered Ship