Ban This Book: A Novel


Overall I liked this book. I didn't like Amy Anne's parents much, and I thought that the way the school handled banning books was not so realistic. Putting all of that under the column of plot devices let me suspend my disapproval and disbelief. 

Amy Anne is a fourth grader who loves to read. When she discovers that her favorite book and many others are banned at her school, she goes about solving the problem. It takes her a bit to figure out how to circumvent the system (she is only like nine years old) so plausible. 

Of course, I loved the whole readers vs. cruel book banner scenario, and I liked the "product placement" of name dropping so many other books inside the plot of this one. I think middle-grade kids will enjoy it and I hope they are inspired to read some of the books that are mentioned in the book.

Ban This Book: A Novel By Alan Gratz

* Note my 6th grader thought this was just okay.* We read a couple other banned books this week that he loved- The Witches by Roald Dahl and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark By Alvin Schwartz


Jennifer Naughton

I'm a lifelong bibliophile who happens to love children's books and who should have become a librarian. Instead I horde books in case of apocalypse or the enactment of a Fahrenheit 451 type law. My five kids accept my addiction and have learned to accept books in odd places.