Sled Dog School



I would love to live off the grid, and my feelings about grades are the same as Matt's parents- its all about what you learn not what grade you get. Matt is eleven, and in the sixth grade, he has some trouble in math class and takes on some extra credit to raise his grade. He doesn't have a lot of friends, and one boy that he thought was a friend turned out to be a bully.

The project is to start your own business, and he starts Matt's Sled Dog School. I could commiserate with Matt in his hazy understanding of math. I was the same way at that age. He is a hands-on learner, and this project turns things around for him. His customers become friends, and he becomes more confident with his talents. I thought it was a funny, smart, truthful look at middle school and of course, I think Matt would have thrived in homeschooling. 

One of the big pluses to this book is that although it is a fictional story, it includes a glossary and the diagram at the end, both great non-fiction text features that make reading it almost a double value.

I read this book courtesy of Edelweiss + as a DRC and am ordering it for our home library.

Sled Dog School By Terry Lynn Johnson


Jennifer Naughton

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