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The story of Theseus and the Minotaur,  written in a let's call it Hamilton meets Greek mythology style. I wasn't sure about reading an entire novel in verse- but in the end, I loved it. It is delightfully inappropriate while staying true to the original myth. I read it in under an hour, put it aside for a few days and then re-read it. 

This novel is split and each book is told by a variety of people: Poseidon, Daedalus, Pasiphae, Minos, Ariadne, and Theseus. They each have their own poetry style and unique voice.

Greek Mythology is full of bad behavior why not add the bad language that would certainly accompany the story if it were a modern tale? Poseidon comes off just as snarky as you'd imagine. This isn't a book I'd hand to a tween Riordan fan- this is high school age (16?) and up.

“Some folks say
That he’s my son! 
I guess it’s possible, you know. 
I’ve had so many one-night stands, 
So many whams and bams and thank-me-ma’ams, 
I can’t keep track of every mademoiselle.
Plus, I’m not the type to kiss and tell.” 

See what I mean? Good stuff if you are of age- not so great if you are still in grade school.

Also this:

It’s interesting:
As a god I almost always find,
The more repressed the mortal,
The dirtier the mind.

I found about this book by listening to the Literaticast podcast and then purchased it with my Amazon affiliate money.

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