Skeleton Tree

I thought this book was a bit too dark for the middle-grade audience that it is going for. You've got an absent parent and the difficult financial situation that goes with that. Add in a dying sibling, and I just wish they had bumped it up to YA. That said, young fans of sci fi may love this. 

Without too many spoilers these are my questions-  Is the skeleton an angel, the grim reaper or a welcome playmate? Is death an evil thing or simply a necessary part of life? 

I'm a Neil Gaiman fan so this sort of stuff usually doesn't phase me, but in this case, I just didn't like it.

If you think this is the kind of discussion you want to have with your middle grader than have at it. In our case, I gave the book away.

Skeleton Tree By Kim Ventrella September 26, 2017


Jennifer Naughton

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