As You Wish

Nope, it has nothing to do with the Princess Bride movie. I asked the author at ALA, and she said her editor came up with the title. It fits the plot perfectly; it's just as a Princess Bride enthusiast I wanted it to tie somehow into the movie. The language is suited to the audience, with a clear teenage voice, and the chapters are short, which makes it an easy book to pick up anytime and knock out a couple chapters. I like the format of the chapters being a countdown of a diary or keeps you invested and creates suspense leading up to his final decision. Mostly, I like that it is a male leading character in a YA book.

As You Wish takes place in an idle and depressing small town called Madison on the outskirts of Las Vegas. It’s buried deep in the Mojave Desert and its residents keep a magical secret which causes them to discourage visitors and newcomers to the town - not that anyone would want to enter that hot, dust, and tainted town anyhow. On the day of their eighteenth birthday each resident, upon having their wish formally approved by the town's mayor visit a dark, dense, yet possibly detrimental cave which will grant them one very special wish of their own choosing. Some wish for money. Others wish for beauty. The reckless wish for an endless supply of drugs. The humble wish for others’ health. What do all the wishers have in common, they never end up satisfied with their one wish - there is always something that could have been better, but they only realize this later.  

Pre-ordering this for the teen in your life would make a great Christmas present.



As You Wish By Chelsea Sedoti January 2018


Jennifer Naughton

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