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The Boy Called Christmas/The Girl Who Saved Christmas

The Boy Called Christmas/The Girl Who Saved Christmas


First off, you just must read book one: The Boy Called Christmas before reading book two The Girl Who Saved Christmas. Sometimes order doesn't matter in a series but it does this time.

Before you even ask me neither will make your child doubt the Santa story. They both are just magical. I was planning on reading both in December before we take off for Winter break. Instead due to our family circumstances, we are only reading book one.

 Book one centers on Nikolas who lived long ago. When his father traveled north to find the traditional elf village and kidnap one for money, Nikolas couldn't stand for it.

So he sets out to rescue the elf and bring joy to the world. In time, he finds his purpose in life as Santa Claus. 

In book two Amelia Wishart lives in Victorian England and ends up becoming a chimney sweep just like her mother. There are a series of unfortunate things that are kind of depressing (but fit into the setting perfectly) Her mother dies, her guardian is called Mr. Creeper, and he eventually makes her live at the poor house. She has to give her cat (Captain Soot) away to Charles Dickens before her life starts turning around. 

 She meets Santa and starts to get hopeful that things may change for her.

After defending  Elfhelm against a troll attack, Santa does not seem to have enough magic to get his sleigh air born. Santa decides that the best way to get the magic back is to find some hope in the world, and he believes that this hope resides with Amelia. He takes his sleigh as far as London on Christmas Eve and looks for the girl.  

I have mixed feelings about this one- it gets just very sad, so you need to be in a good mental place while reading it. I loved all the Santa mythology- but I'm saving it for another time as a read aloud due to our family situation at the moment.


Verdict- Buy if you want more Christmas books on your shelf

The Girl who Saved Christmas By Matt Haig ( I was gifted this copy at ALA in June)

The Boy Called Christmas By Matt Haig  (I bought this last year sometime from Amazon)

** I'm not entirely sure how I missed this release in October? The third installment of the series Father Christmas and Me is also available now. Review soon. 

Father Christmas and Me (Christmas #3) By Matt Haig (On our reading list for next week.)

National Geographic Nonfiction Bundle Giveaway!!!

National Geographic Nonfiction Bundle Giveaway!!!

Young Scrooge: A Very Scary Christmas Story

Young Scrooge: A Very Scary Christmas Story