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Summer Reads Audible Edition

Summer Reads Audible Edition

The time of road trips (and obligatory sugary coffee drinks) is upon us, and I love listening to books in the car anyway so opening myself up to hearing an entire book in maybe a day makes me giddy with excitement. Plus, I discovered that we had four (!!) Audible credits languishing in Amazon limbo. We can't have that. Here are the books I chose and a few more ideas cause once I start clicking around on Amazon all is lost.

Side note: I feel I know the how/why that Amazon as a company took off: You might say it was their business plan or that they got started on the internet at just the right time. Nah- it's the fact that introverts love books and Amazon allows you to browse as long as you want without any human interaction. 

Long car trips with kids are loaded with interaction, so top off your introvert tank now by clicking around these audiobooks.


Giggles for all ages

You may have watched the movie, the book is better. Five books for one credit will get you all the way to your destination: possibly with no fighting.

Sneak in 

some classical education. Finding out who cut off Medusa's head is not boring or schoolish in any way. 

A Fairy Tale

that even your grumpiest teen will fall for. Clocking in at just over nine hours this will leaving wishing it was twice as long.

The Middle Ages

If you mashed the Princess Bride and The Canterbury Tales together. This audio version won a Cybils Award last year and I'm psyched to add it to our library this year.

"You know 

how they are at this age" A robot stranded on an island adopts a goose. We own this one already and are chomping at the bit for the sequel.

In my top 10 from 2016

Historical fiction showcasing the courage, honesty, and determination of one girl. It's marketed to middle grade but listeners older and younger will be enthralled in the story.

The game is afoot

Like Book Crossing but more deluxe. I wish this was a real thing. Bibliophiles of all ages will love this story.

Paint by Sticker: Birds

Paint by Sticker: Birds

The Secret Zoo

The Secret Zoo