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Who Wins?

We give it 5 stars.

Maybe you are looking for a new game for Summer break? Or wait til you hear how I’m going to use this with our history timeline.

This book (game?) pits two famous people in history against each other in hilarious ways. Really. There are three sections of cards all attached with a spiral binding- which is genius because although at first glance I thought this would make a better card game- cards get lost and this fits on the bookshelf- easy peasy.

You need at least two players. I think that three or more are ideal. You have the two arguers and a judge. If you only have two people you can still play (we did) and then just mutually decide who has the best argument. We kept score with paper and pen.

We love this kind of thing as we are a family who loves a lively debate. You could play this in teams or as a part of history I'm going to have Declan start marking these people and dates on our history timeline. (It's like sneaky school- Shhh) I could also see this leading to a few trips to the library for curious kids who may want to know more about someone in the game.

Who Wins?: 100 Historical Figures Go Head-to-Head and You Decide the Winner! 

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