The Sun is Also a Star

Ok, so I am not a romantic at all. The premise of this story is love, at first sight, all in one day. The plot device of the one-day story is fantastic as is the city setting and I’ll bet most teens will love this. In a way, it reminded me of the movie Serendipity with John Cusack with lots of small coincidences that push this couple together. Daniel and Natasha are two strangers who fate seems determined to push together. Daniel is the son of Korean immigrants who want him to go to Yale and become a doctor– and they aren’t asking. Daniel does not want to displease his parents, but he is a natural poet who finds meaning in words rather than science. Natasha is the exact opposite. She doesn’t even believe in love, much less love at first sight. Natasha’s father is a failed actor, and the resentment she feels towards him has made her abandon any thought of having passion or dreams. The day Natasha and Daniel meet is a pivotal point for both of them. Daniel has an interview for Yale. Natasha is about to be deported. Any more info would contain spoilers. I did like it, and I think a younger audience will love it. It is the best YA book I’ve read in awhile.

I borrowed this book from the Chicago Public Library to read and review for this blog.

The Sun is Also A Star

November 1, 2016


Jennifer Naughton

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