YA Diverse Books on My Shelf

 I've published full reviews for some of these and if it isn't up it will be in the next couple weeks. This is just a teaser to get you requesting some diverse books from your library for your Summer reading list.

Should be Required Reading

Sigh. As a Chicagoan this one hit very close to home. We need to end police brutality and murder and provide accountability and healing to the communities that have been so profoundly impacted by systemic racism and inequity.

A YA Serendipity Story

The premise of this story is love, at first sight, all in one day. The plot device of the one-day story is fantastic as is the city setting and I’ll bet most teens will love this. 

Rom Com

at Insomnia Con. Dimple is headed to Stanford this Fall but before she starts school she is competing to win an app development contest. She meets Rishi and after a rough start they click as friends and teammates. I found myself speed reading to find out how it would turn out. 

New Release

Ali effortlessly touches on huge issues such as assault, bullying, taboo dating, divorce, and victimization with honesty and somehow makes what could be a heavy read- light and thought provoking.


Jennifer Naughton

I'm a lifelong bibliophile who happens to love children's books and who should have become a librarian. Instead I horde books in case of apocalypse or the enactment of a Fahrenheit 451 type law. My five kids accept my addiction and have learned to accept books in odd places.