Nice Try, Jane Sinner


It took me a little bit to get into the journal format- but Jane's dry sarcasm helped. :) I'll champion any book that tackles mental health issues and makes them a regular part of life, which this book does. Jane attempts suicide and drops out of high school. She begins her new lease on life by enrolling in Community College and entering a reality show where she lives in a youtube filmed home with other students as she attempts to win a car. This story reads like a play, and I think teens will love it.

Verdict- borrow

Nice Try, Jane Sinner By Lianne Oelke


Jennifer Naughton

I'm a lifelong bibliophile who happens to love children's books and who should have become a librarian. Instead I horde books in case of apocalypse or the enactment of a Fahrenheit 451 type law. My five kids accept my addiction and have learned to accept books in odd places.