Leatherback Blues

Robin works at a wild animal rescue foundation and spends her free-time saving baby raccoons with her family. She reads about a Turtle rescue group in Costa Rica and soon is saving money for plane fare so that she can go and help when the turtles start laying their eggs. 

Although she loves animals, Robin has some valid concerns about the heat, bugs, living conditions and poachers that they encounter in Costa Rica. Her Grandmother and brother are with her, and they all manage to make progress and even get more volunteers to come and help.

Just when it seems like things are going great, they get kidnapped by the poachers. It all has a happy ending, and I'd hand this one off to any of the prospective animal activists kids in my life. The descriptions of the scenery in Costa Rica were fantastic.

Verdict- Borrow 

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Leatherback Blues By Karen Hood-Caddy (Releases February 24, 2018)

Jennifer Naughton

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