January New Release Round Up

New For 2018 a Monthly look at YA/MG new releases. Think of it as a monthly reminder to pre-order new books from your favorite bookstore or library. Check with your library and see if you can put holds on books that they have pre-ordered.


Not a Disney





Already the number one new release for YA/Fantasy as a pre-order on Amazon. My full review will be up on the 8th. (Release January 30)

Be Careful


What You Wish For


What if you could wish for anything and get it? My full review here.

(Release January 2)

A Quick Funny Read

Just in time for the last week of Winter Break. Jane will make your teen giggle. (January 9)

The Harsh Reality of Syria Today


Told in a gentle way for middle school students. My full review here. (Releases January 2)


A happy family, baking, a spunky MC, great cultural representation, pretty sure we're buying it. (releases January 2)