The Year in Books

The Year in Books

I have only included completed books, anything that I abandoned is not listed.

This year I was deliberate about my recording method, last year I was sure I had read more but was too lazy to go back to Goodreads and try and figure out where they went.

Let's start with books for me:

Eight fiction- Two of them were re-reads  :(

This year I want to double that as I have a huge TBR pile now. I think I've finally figured out a healthy balance of ARCs/books for me.

Favorites included- The Rules of Magic and not really fiction- Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder. How To Stop Time is my other favorite fiction that I read in 2017- it's release date is February 2018. So, it's a gray area.

45 nonfiction- At the start of the year I was heavy into self-education, that pittered out as chaos ruled most of our year. My tastes ran the gamut of fitness (fail), history, current events, science, politics and everything Nordic. 

Notable were: Janesville: An American Story and Nomadland: Surviving America in the 21st Century

11 graphic novels- I finally learned not only how to read them, but enjoyed most of them.

I fell in love with The Tea Dragon Society.

95 Middle Grade- I'd say that my 12yo read roughly half of these too which isn't bad considering he has other interests and hates books set up with school drama. It doesn't apply to him and really he'd prefer reading about real life which for him is solidly out of the classroom.

The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street started a year-long quest of scary books, movies and outings with my 12 yo. I am now writing some scary short stories of my own.

51 Middle-Grade Nonfiction- We used many of these in our homeschool lessons. 


101 Video Games To Play Before You Grow Up, Darwin and the True Story of the Dinosaurs (and all of the Flashes of Genius series), and many, many National Geographic books come to mind.

31 YA titles- Not bad considering I only have one YA reader left in the house, and she is aging out.

Geekerella, Want, Spliced you can't go wrong with any of those. I seem to love any and all YA sci-fi/dystopia.

13 YA Nonfiction- By Fall that will be my primary focus, so I expect that number to be much higher next year.

Vincent and Theo, and The Radium Girls are the first to come to mind. I love nonfiction with a narrative format. I won't say they read like fiction because that's a frowned upon phrase in the book review world.

Goals for 2018 include reading a few plays and taking the weekends to read whatever I want. 

If you'd like to track your reading here is a ready-made spreadsheet from BookRiot.

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