The Atomic City Girls: A Novel

Maybe it's all this holiday multitasking, but I started this book confused. First, I thought it was YA. (there are a couple of sex scenes so it might be ok for an older high school student- but it's solidly adult nonfiction. Also, from the title I expected the story to focus on the women that worked at Oakridge, and this was more of an overall look into life there, including two men.  It's an excellent overview of part of the war effort that was a secret for a long time- it just has a lousy title. 

The United States is in a race to construct the atomic bomb. In the process, a city is created that doesn't exist, and women have an opportunity to earn money. Race and discrimination limit opportunities for minorities and their stories are told too. Overall, an interesting look into the life of the town that started from nothing. I do wonder how much of the afterward is from interviews?

Verdict- borrow

The Atomic City Girls: A Novel By Janet Beard


Jennifer Naughton

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