Prince in Disguise

Disney published this book, and although the Disney references were spot on, it felt a little obvious to me. This story is fluff, and that's okay. But, it made me think that this was possibly going to be made as a Disney Channel movie, but then they decided to make it a book instead. Dylan is the overshadowed younger sister who gets dragged to Scotland when her sister is on a reality show. A little over half of this book is filled with the typical mean girl, sister angsty teenage drama. The last part though almost redeemed itself with me. I think if you are a teen who loves The Bachelor and is a Disney fan you'll find this light and funny. It has many cute moments and I did love the ending. 

Verdict- borrow or skip

Prince in Disguise By Stephanie Strohm December 19, 2017


Jennifer Naughton

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