The Crim's


This story was a weird one. On the one hand, I liked the twisty-turny plot, and I'm a sucker for a secret double life as a plot device. On the other hand, this was a little confusing at points and a slow start. The publisher says it's a mix of Despicable Me and Lemony Snicket- I'll go with that.

The Crim family is known for not only breaking the law but being bad at it, and they get caught every single time. Twelve-year-old  Imogen is the exception. She is an excellent criminal and has retired to attend a legit boarding school where she thinks no one knows who she or her family are. She comes out of retirement after her family is accused of being the masterminds in a heist she knows they couldn't pull off. 

I"m pretty sure this is book one of a series and I'm looking forward to The Crim's continued adventures. 

The Crims By Kate Davies December 5, 2017


Jennifer Naughton

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