Kid Authors: True Tales of Childhood From Famous Writers


 This book covers a wide variety of authors from Shakespeare to Rowling to Woolfe, the authors included in the book cover a variety of genres, so it would be at the teacher/parents discretion whether or not to cover particular authors. The stories are engaging and fun to read. When reading a few selected biographies out loud, my children (well, my child and his adult siblings- cause we had a weird week where everyone was home for reading aloud time) were able to ask a lot of questions, which opened up a lot more conversation between us. There were many authors that my kids were not familiar with which led me over to the library website to put a few books on hold for this week.

We'll probably buy this one as I received a DRC for reading and reviewing from the publisher and I think this has a lot of re-readability in it.  Our favorite stories were: Roald Dahl, Beverly Cleary, J. K. Rowling, Jules Verne, Lewis Carroll, and Stan Lee. Reading the Rowling and Stan Lee chapters alone is reason enough to buy a copy of this book.

 I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to add a nonfiction children's book to either their in-home library or classroom library, and I'm starting to gravitate towards everything that Quirk has been publishing lately- good stuff.

Kid Authors: True Tales of Childhood From Famous Writers By David Stabler