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Jennie Naughton also was known as a “recreational scholar” is a writer and homeschool educator in Chicago. After her two oldest children started school, she quickly realized that one was behind and one was ahead in their traditional classroom setting. She was going to need to work with them at home to meet their individual needs. That morphed into the realization that homeschooling them in the middle of the day was infinitely more doable than at both 5 am and 6 pm after they had attended school all day.

That was in 2001, and since then all five of her children have learned at home. Since that time four of the five have graduated from homeschool and gone on to various success. As adults, they are now an artist, a union stagehand, a certified computer network specialist, and a college student studying photography. She has one son still homeschooling who is 12 years old. She is now an expert in choosing and scheduling specialized curriculum for homeschooling children who have ADHD and settling these kids into the higher education of their choice. 

Jennie aspires to a year round education model and divides each year into half classical education and using the other portion to tackle child led project based learning. Her educational ideal is one that is relaxed yet thorough. Choosing to take on the awesome responsibility of educating your children can be daunting, and Jen has been writing articles on the website Sandbox to Socrates since 2014 in the hopes of sharing a glimpse into how homeschooling works. She is now the content editor of that site.

Above all else, Jennie thinks of herself as a voracious reader and was a Nonfiction MG/YA  judge for the Cybils Awards in 2016. (The Cybils Awards aims to recognize the children’s and young adult authors and illustrators whose books combine the highest literary merit and popular appeal.)

Jennie reads and reviews books for secular homeschool families.

In other words, geeky families. We proudly include ourselves in that category. We homeschool for a myriad of reasons and none of them are religious in nature. Usually the books chosen are books that we will be using in our own homeschool.

 Lots of times they are advance reading copies from publishers and you'll read a review here before they are even published. Reviews are written with a homeschoolers slant: how they may or may not work in the homeschool setting. 

All photography provided by Jennifer Naughton