SEA Conference 2018

SEA Conference 2018


(Regular readers- please indulge this small commercial which does include an affiliate link if you buy tickets.  I'll be back with bookish reviews tomorrow)

So, hey What are you all doing this July?

Are you homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling?

You should come to Atlanta and attend the Secular Eclectic Academic Home School Conference.

And yes, I know its a mouthful. This is the second annual conference that this group has organized- so far they've both been on the East Coast, but I'm hoping that maybe they'll consider hosting one more in the Midwest at some point.  We're making a road trip vacation out of it, and it is shaping up to be both fun and educational for you and your kids.

Julie Bogart from Bravewriter will be there as well as all of the secular homeschooling big whigs that you would expect. After I read all the blurbs, I feel entirely unqualified to be amongst them. I mean we've got all these homeschooling dynamos who are also running online classes, curriculum companies, etc. and they almost all have advanced degrees.


I've been homeschooling since 2001, and I read books. 

I don't sell them unless you count that tiny Amazon affiliate link and I don't have any official qualifications for book reviews or teaching. My kids have mostly graduated, and they are productive citizens who have all managed to make a living while pursuing their passions. Before you start thinking I have low self-esteem- I do not. I'm always in awe of those who have so many outward accomplishments.

However, I think I'm their token "anyone can homeschool" speaker, and that is true. Anyone can, and it's not that hard. I'm the first one to tell you that.

In fact, some days it is more natural than getting your kids on the school bus.

I'll be on the Homeschooling 101 panel and Reading Through Time: Making History Literary roundtables. We'll answer all the questions you can think up in the first panel, and in the second I'll be joined by Emily Cook owner of Build Your Library. We haven't met in person yet, but I'm psyched to not only meet her but spend an hour with her talking books! 

Just about anything you need to get started or just reenergized into homeschooling next year is going to be covered by one of over 50 scheduled speakers!

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about Atlanta itself. We lived there for a couple of years, and it was a great time in our lives. It was the first time my husband lived somewhere with virtually no winter at all (compared to Chicago) and because we were renting we had no remodeling going on. We spent a ton of time outside enjoying the Spring and Fall, and during the Summer we spent a lot of time at the pool. Now, this conference will be in July, and that means it will be both hot and humid. That's ok though because science has provided us with air conditioning. If this were a young earth conference, we'd be in trouble. (something I can joke about on my blog)

If the lure of modern conveniences such as a/c doesn't lure you into attending, there are also going to be loads of fun kid activities. For gamer kids, we've got Ultimate Werewolf, Smash Bros., and Magic the Gathering. For crafty kids, you've got a kids makers space; and an art room. For older kids and teens a Harry Potter trivia contest; movie night for the younger kids; and a fabulous teen dance on Saturday. Topping it all off if you have a kid graduating you can participate in an actual High School graduation ceremony. There will even be a college fair.

If you decide to make the trek to the conference there are some fun places to visit in Atlanta:

World of Coca-Cola There are coca cola flavors that you've never tasted- as a soda hobbyist this is a must stop for me. 

CNN Tour- If your kids are 12 and up take the VIP tour and see the television studios.

Stone Mountain Park- When we lived nearby we'd take company here for the amazing laser show on Summer nights. We've also camped here while driving to Florida several times.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park  - My kids were too young to know about the Civil War when we lived here, but we used to drive up and picnic anyway.

About a 5-minute drive from the Marquis a trip to Atlanta would not be complete without a dinner at The Varsity. Pick any food you like, but don't leave without trying the orange shake.

I'd love to put some faces with my readers so if you decide to attend please hit me up on social media and we can get cake or coffee or both!  :)


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