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A Guide to Nominating Books for the Cybils 2018

A Guide to Nominating Books for the Cybils 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all those who love Kid Lit. It’s almost time for the Cybils season to begin!

You know what would be a great family project? Nominating the best books of the year for the Cybils Awards. We nominated one of the winning books last year and it was pretty exciting. We’re not sports ball people so this is like our Super Bowl.

Nominations are open from October 1-15 2018 to the general public and then from Publishers and Authors October 16-25.

You may not have had the time to invest in joining one of the judging panels, but we need all you readers now. Nominating your favorite books in each category ensures that we don’t miss out on some of the best books ever.

Note: Books may only be nominated one time, so maybe list your top three so that you get something nominated and we have just a huge selection to choose from.

(Round 1 judges are itching to get those library haul Instagram pics up!)

Books must be published between Oct. 16, 2017 and Oct. 15, 2018 so check those dates before nominating. You can find the date by checking the listing on Amazon.

You might be wondering what each category contains so I’ve written little blurbs that hopefully will make it all clear as mud.

The categories are:

YA fiction: Real world realistic fiction

YA Speculative Fiction: all the dystopia and fantasy

Junior/Senior High Nonfiction: Not boring textbooks, the new cool kind of nonfiction

Graphic Novels: comics and stories told in panels.

Poetry: Um, poetry. Not necessarily in verse. :)

Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction: Same as YA Speculative, things that “could” happen

Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction: Nonfiction for younger kids, never boring, sometimes gross.

Easy Reader/ Early Chapter Books: think very basic learning to read books and leveled readers

Fiction Picture Books: picture books that aren’t nonfiction.

Board Books: they might be chewed on or thrown in the tub but for babies they are the best.

You’ve got all weekend to mull your choices and the nomination link will be live Monday morning at:

Homeschool:Week 6

Homeschool:Week 6

Homeschool: Week Four and Five

Homeschool: Week Four and Five