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Homeschool:Week 6

Homeschool:Week 6

Week six was a week of “new normal” for us. I’m fine tuning how and when do school as well as tweaking his course load. I loved the idea of a four day week, but we also like shorter days so this coming week we will work 5 days and see how that goes.

We’re basically doing 5 or 6 subjects a day, but only one or two subjects a day are long ones. Many times after the lesson is taught we’re reviewing the new concept all week, but that doesn’t take that long when its just one kid.

I’m not sure how helpful these posts are or aren’t and I wonder if anyone who is reading is on the fence about homeschooling? So, I’m trying to add in some detail to the “hows and whys” of our daily grind.

In Latin: I’m memorizing alongside him, We got two sets of everything so he quizzes me on the flashcards too. So far we’re both great at straight vocab and translating. It’s easier for us to go English to Latin for some reason.

Grammar: We’re memorizing punctuation rules- fairly straight forward with a workbook/flashcards method.

American History- We do in 2 days. We read and fill in the 200 Question book on day one and then on day 2 we’ll do the flashcards and the workbook orally.

Science- We just started Biology. We skipped it last week when my car had to be towed because of an accident- but the plan is to spend 2 days with that too- just like American History but different days or my throat would be exhausted reading that all out loud.

Lit- we’re almost dome with The Trojan War, we’ve been reading more than the scheduled amount. I’m not going for mastery in Lit. We read and use the guides for our discussion. He’s an experienced narrator so the longest part of this subject is the time it takes to read aloud.

Geography- We’re using a combo of Book Shark Eastern Hemisphere and the applicable sections of MP Geo 2. We didn’t do anything in week six. Next week we start reading about North Korea. I’m having him write a current event report each week and he is reading the Book readers on his own.

We’re spending a chunk of every day on handwriting as suddenly he cares about his cursive. I don’t understand it, but I’m riding this wave.

What else? Oh yeah, car repair. We’ve got a couple friends helping us with our new used car and Dec is out there anytime anyone is working on it.

Week 7

Week 7

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