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Homeschool: Week Four and Five

Homeschool: Week Four and Five

Week four didn’t exist for us as my father in law lost his fight against dementia. Even though it was expected, he had been doing physically quite well, and so we feel somewhat shell-shocked. All the kids came home which was nice. We had a “Celebration of Life” in our backyard that went surprisingly well. I know he would have loved the send-off.

Week five has us in a strange realm of new normal in which one of my jobs is sort of gone. There is the legal paperwork which is worse than the insurance stuff I was used to, but that will have an ending date eventually. It’s surreal really. We moved here and arranged everything so that it would be easy to care for him and now he’s gone, and here we are.

I’m not resisting the urge to add subjects back into the fold. I spent all Summer planning a full academic year, and now we are ready to dig into it all. So, I’m really back to plan A.

In Latin, we’re taking another week to complete and review last week’s lesson. I know that we both need to have each week down cold before moving on. If you get behind in the memorization, it’s all over.

At this point, I don’t know if Bookshark 5 is an add-on for Geography 2 or if its the opposite. I like the length/content of the Journeys to Eastern Hemisphere Book but not the maps. So we’ll follow the Bookshark schedule and jump around in MP using the flashcards and charts for memorization. Since we’ll do Geography 3 next year anything we get to this year is a bonus. So we started with week 11 in Geography 2. I am joyfully tweaking all the things to suit us.

We started Biology this week, and it couldn’t have been more on point. Our new yard has a section with mushrooms that turn up most mornings and chapter one was about fungi, so that couldn’t have worked out better.

In Math, we’re continuing our fast-track review through fractions and other topics. I had planned on starting Pre- Algebra after Christmas, but we’re humming along so maybe it’ll be more like November? We’ll see. It doesn’t matter either way to me. It’ll take however long it takes.

So we’re all over the place in week completion numbers:

Latin week 3

Lit week 1

Am History week 2

Bookshark week 5

Geography week 11

Science week 13

Grammar/Comp week 4

Music week 1

Math- week 5

Next week we add in the Greek Alphabet Book and art!

I’m holding off on Famous Men of Greece until we’re in our actual week 12 of schooling.

In game news, I managed to snag this game from the clearance section at the Field Museum. I had looked around online, and even Rainbow Resources doesn’t have them anymore. I wish I had known that they were endangered before I gave away our Europe edition last year.

Amazon  lists it for $159, I paid $22. They must have gone out of print.

Amazon lists it for $159, I paid $22. They must have gone out of print.

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