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Home School: Week Three

Home School: Week Three

I dislike Mondays as holidays. I propose we change all Federal holidays to Friday. I'll be spending all week trying to figure out what day it is.

Anyhow, lots of changes this week. In week one I was all full on BookShark with a side of Classical. In week three, we've morphed into all classical all the time with a dollop of BookShark. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that at this point I can't stop tweaking all the things.

I think its the one kid thing. If I were balancing out my time between people, I wouldn't notice how quickly things are getting done. So this week I went with a more strenuous yet still homeschool like schedule Instead of 2-3 hours, I'm looking to get 4-5 hours of work out of him.

After some soul searching in the wee hours of elder care, I realized that our BookShark stuff should be for exposure and fun, while our academics still need to be well, academic.

Anyhow, Tuesday went great. We worked from 10-2 and took almost an hour lunch where we watched a Crash Course video, so it was a working lunch. 

Wednesday started out ok, and we got Latin in and then my elder care duties stepped up. We had three different people in, and I ended up sending Dec up to read his Bookshark stuff alone. 

Thursday: We did all the things. We both felt great.

Friday: We did Latin and put it all away to spend time with Grandad.

You may notice a trend if we do school at all it is Latin first. 

One night I started a list to see if I could remember what we used as curriculum for school each year. I was attempting to track how many years each kid did what. Instead, it made me recall that we've had many years with "family stuff/unusual amounts of stress" We're talking significant illnesses, births, deaths, addiction, moves, remodeling, cancer.

 Ten out of eighteen years I have had completely legitimate excuses for falling behind in our studies. That means that we've had more chaos than smoothness. It means each year I prioritized what each kid needed and what we as a family could do to help that kid. 

Deciding what your priority is and sticking with it is the best piece of advice I have. Mine used to be Math and Lit; now it is Latin, Math and Lit. If, like on Friday, we only get to Latin then that's the way it is. I'm relaxed about it because I've watched four kids learn in spite of our circumstances. 

Side note: I'm guessing that Week Four is not going to be productive and that's ok. 

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