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Not Back to School Day 2018

Not Back to School Day 2018

Today is our first day of school at home for the year. It's year seventeen for me and year eight for Declan. He's always been homeschooled and has answered the same old objections every year. This year we are in a new neighborhood, so we're getting more than the average amount of questions.

He feels like this:


I feel like this:


JK. Sort of. We're all jazzed up about our box day. I never order this late and it is kind of nice that we just opened everything and we're starting. Normally its all sitting around for months before we actually start school.


I've got to tell you though, it has never seemed like school to me. Sure we use texts and workbooks, but the atmosphere is nothing like that of any classroom that I've attended. That's something that I hope you all feel in your homes. You are teaching, the kids are learning, but it is intrinsically different. No matter what your "brand" of home school, if you have one kid or ten it is much more like tutoring than any modern school. 

One room schoolhouses here in the States had much the same philosophy of home education. Start at the beginning and go forward at your own pace. If you are feeling fancier you could compare yourself to a governess or tutor as well. They all taught as we do in our homes today. 


More proof that this isn't "brick and mortar school" It shouldn't take eight hours - except maybe in high school or if you want it to. I'm not judging you, take as long as you want. I'm good with somewhere around four hours teaching them to read, write, do the math and that the earth is very, very old.



In all seriousness though I just thought I'd give my version of a Fall pep talk.

You are going to be okay, and your kids are going to learn enough.

Homeschooling is no magic bullet fix for all the things that can go wrong in a family, but spending time with and investing your time in your kids is never a bad thing.



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