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Homeschool Week Sixteen- Christmas Edition and a Coupon!

Homeschool Week Sixteen- Christmas Edition and a Coupon!

While most of you are either on Christmas break or soon will be, my mind as usual turns to curriculum. If I’m not teaching, then I’m thinking about teaching and how we can improve our days. I realize that the mid winter slump is approaching and since I’ve been at this awhile I started digging through my old curriculum stash to mix things up for the next quarter. Plus, I’m doing some much needed purging. I used to actually start our school year in January knowing that as we school year round it would make things easier to use the calendar year and not the traditional school year. Now, I’m not quite sure when one year ends as we just keep going.

I reached out to The Critical Thinking Company to ask if they would be interested in partnering with me for some reviews. They were, and so I have some books ordered that we didn’t already own. They gave me half off in exchange for reviewing and I even got one brand new book for free! They have a good discount going on their site right now: SITE1218 gets you 25% off $50 or more and Free Shipping. If you want to wait for my reviews I’ll have an exclusive coupon you can use in January/February.

Because I know must of you want the nitty gritty this is what I’m getting:

Editor in Chief® Level 2- I’m pretty sure this is the very first book I purchased from Critical Thinking Press way back around 2002? We’ve used this a few times and wrote in it every single time (Oops!)

The Basics of Critical Thinking- New to me, looking forward to it.

Building Writing Skills Level 2- Also new! I’m always looking for new writing resources.

Word Roots Level 3- In case I end up shelving Latin entirely. I mean it could happen. This looks like it’ll cover the all important Latin and Greek roots.

Pattern Explorer Level 2- This book could be math or science and for us, it’ll be part of our science course.

Think Analogies® B1- I think we’ve used this one but can’t find it.

Crypto Mind Benders®: Classic Jokes- Really new. It looks so fun! What better way to practice Algebra and introduce kids to encryption!

U.S. History Detective® Book 1- We’re still using a LCC schedule and we finished the entire American History course from MP and so we’ll continue with this. It’s new to us.

Mathematical Reasoning™ Level G- I’m loving pulling Math from different sources and this looks perfect to review concepts sporadically.

Critical Thinking: Math Detective- Not only is this my free book, but it’s the one that my 13yo is most excited about!

For all you secular homeschoolers, its a bit like Life of Fred without the weirdness. (just my opinion)

Also, sign up for their Free Puzzle of the Week ! It’s a great way to sample their books for free! And it’s fun! There are different age ranges and so you can customize it to you and your kids.

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