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Homeschool: Week Twelve

Homeschool: Week Twelve

I started an outline this week of a book about homeschooling. I’m thinking it’ll have to be part memoir and part instructional because I don’t know how to separate what I know from how I know it.

I have five test subjects so it’s not a one size fits all prescription and so far I’m pleased with what I’ve got started. It’s not even my Nanowrimo project- it seems like once I start writing I become slightly ADHD and have multiple docs open at all times. Writing time for me is like an addiction, I don’t want to even begin if I don’t have a measurable amount of time to delve in.

It is nice to be able to jump to something completely different when I get stuck, but also that means I’m never done. Also, figuring out that by the time my youngest graduates I’ll have been at this for twenty-two years.

Wow. I hope I get a Mickey Mouse retirement watch or something.

I contacted a couple of people in publishing that I know through the interwebs and got a surprisingly positive response, so I’m moving this to my everyday schedule. At some point this week I realized that doing all the things have been unproductive in general.

So, I sat myself down and wrote up a priority list. My writing time keeps me sane and I get that done so early in the morning that it doesn’t affect my family so that stays. I love reading and then sharing great books so this blog is safe as well.

I also have to manage our rental/rehab business, teach, and do all the general Mom type stuff that we all have to slog through. Planning meals and eating at home is my actual number home priority right now.

What time-consuming chore can I cut?  Social media management is the one thing that I hate wasting time on; sharing this blog in all the places. Also the obligatory follow back system is a time drag.

I enjoy popping over on social media while waiting in lines, at night before I go to sleep, etc.

I can’t reasonably plow through hundreds of posts to get to the few people I know. I’m not even a social person in real life, and apparently, I’m so introverted that being social online tires me out.

I started this blog hoping it would fill a void as I didn’t see anyone reviewing books with an eye towards the homeschool lifestyle. All the marketing books tell me to blanket social media to get likes and shares- only I don’t care about any of that. And I’m the type of weirdo that cannot stand to see those notification numbers on my phone, it’s like an obtrusive neighbor always at the door asking me something. My solution right now is to move those apps to a back screen that I won’t see. Then when I feel like checking them out I will.

I hope that my reviews are useful to some of you and I love matching kids with “their flavor” of books, but since this isn’t a money making or popularity venture I’m going to do the things I like and not do the things I don’t like. I can tell you that Instagram will probably be my priority. It’s short and sweet and I love scrolling through book pictures.

Rant over.

This week we cruised along doing all the things in school and I actually upped our times that we are spending on our core subjects. We’re making good progress and I hate to cut the time short for other subjects that I know we’re going to be covering again in high school.

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