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Homeschool: Week Thirteen/Fourteen

Homeschool: Week Thirteen/Fourteen

We continue to plug along. Latin is getting harder, and I’m changing up the lesson plans to make it more doable. It’s been three weeks since there was new vocab introduced and since that is his favorite part I’m moving some vocab up and slowing down some of the memorizations of the forms. I have some pages that we didn’t do in Elementary Latin (Latina Christiana), and I’m using those to cement the processes. I almost thought about going back to that set entirely since we cruised through it for exposure only. I’m honestly still thinking about it. I know at Highlands they give the First Form to fifth graders, and they recommend older kids starting there, but it has been a slog for my kid. He likes and wants to do it- but it is hard. We’ve had to drop back on some electives, and he is still spending a significant portion of the day in Latin.

I pulled out my So You Really Want to Learn Latin set and while I’m not switching to it, I am going to pull matching lessons out next week and see if the different presentation helps.

I think we’ll finish the Biology book from MP around Christmas week so I started thinking about science for our second semester. I think I’ll pull out the Oak Meadow 7 science that was too time-consuming last August. (LOL)

We’re just about finished with the MP American History readings, and now I’m in a quandary about History. Maybe FMOG is enough when combined with Bookshark Eastern Hemisphere? I could go back to SOTW 3, but then I’d have to choose a different Bookshark level for next year.

Decisions, decisions. The problem being I know that nothing matters until high school, so I’m comfortable switching things up this year. Also, we are whipping through curriculum pretty fast this year.

In other news, reviews here are suffering a bit while my writing is happening elsewhere. The current plan is to have two or three a week, but I had a glitch last week and failed. I’m well ahead of the curve now thanks to a couple of late nights/early mornings.

 I also started back up on my Spanish lessons; I’m hoping it’s now my season for fluency. I found the best resource yet ( It’s the immersion I need without actually hiring a tutor.

My thanks to the super knowledgeable Facebook group Secular Inclusive Classical Teachers for this and many other curriculum/book suggestions. I’m a founding member and it has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of months. From our description-

"Are you religious, but homeschooling on a secular basis? Are you classically homeschooling, and willing to use materials that are not 100% religion-free? Are you non-Protestant, but interested in using some classical materials with a whiff of Protestantism? Welcome to the club!"

We do ask a few questions before allowing new members, none of them in Latin or Greek so don’t worry. Join us if you feel like you fit that description!

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