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Homeschool: Week Eleven

Homeschool: Week Eleven

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We had an average type week. One thing that I can’t stress enough at this point is to listen to your kids. If you are banging your head against the wall in some subject, go ahead and make some changes. It’s fine to revamp things as needed.

I put Classical Composition away for a while. Even after learning how they teach it at Memoria Press it still seems better suited to a classroom or group teaching situation. I felt like I was giving him too much help. So, we switched back to some materials I had saved from the older kids. I hand picked seven lessons out of Writing With Ease 4 and we are doing some narration which he excels at and dictation which is a skill that could use some improvement. I’ll reevaluate after we finish but my goal right now is to start Writing With Style 1 around Christmas.

I also never started that Redwood Pre-Algebra text. It’s me, not the material. I just don’t like the book- meaning the font and the instruction within, so I shelved it. Since we had such good success reviewing and solidfying our multiplication tables with this book from WTM, I ordered the division book too. So we’re playing math games and using some old Singapore math 5 and 6 workbooks that I have on the shelf to review some concepts. He loves playing math games and I’ve considered buying the card games from Right Start Math to finish the year. I think the fraction set would be ideal.

In case you are just joining us and (my stats say that a bunch of you are new here!) and wonder what we’re using for curriculum, here is a list:

First Form Latin

MP Grammar 2 (LOVE this! It’s just enough English Grammar to match Latin)

Singapore Math (pre-algebra review)

Memoria Press 7th grade Lit (Trojan War, Anne of Green Gables, The Hobbit and Twenty One Balloons)

Bookshark- Journey to the Eastern Hemisphere (We use the Guide and Readers Only)

Memoria Press 200 Questions of American History (Guerber’s Guide and Question book)

Science- MP Biology (we’re in a get it done mode with science this year- we read and answer the questions, I like to save my efforts for high school)

Classics- Famous Men of Greece (starting that soonish)

In the morning we get Latin, Math, Lit and Comp done and then after lunch we will do Bookshark, American History, FMOG or Biology in a long block. I’ve given up scheduling times on those. I figure out how much I want to cover that week and if we don’t finish it in one afternoon, we work on it again before Friday. It’s that kind of loosey-goosey schedule you can have with just one student. I’m also doing all the afternoon subjects on a loop meaning that if we don’t finish we pick up where we left off the next time we loop through.

Overall I am loving the way that Memoria Press overlaps between subjects. If you have a kid that is straight on grade level and you can get away buying a grade level package it is awesome. I think they may even have secular packages by next Fall on their website. I hope so anyway. We prefer secular materials and so I’ve done some tweaking to their standard package.

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