Homeschool: Week Ten

Monday- We finally had the house to ourselves and it was lovely. We ate when we wanted and broke up the day not according to anyone else’s convenience. We were so productive. We got all our core down and then spent like 90 minutes researching the Korean War.

Tuesday- Emergency dental surgery took up a ton of the day. We dd Latin, Math and Science

Wednesday- We did all the schoolish things and I found the one missing box of curriculum, but not the box of Halloween decorations. Too late for this year, I guess. I did give my next quarter a once over and started thinking about some changes.

Thursday- We did Latin, Math, Grammar, Lit, American History and then I changed out our Classical Comp for a lesson from Writing With Ease 3. I’ve noticed that we need to add more dictation and written narration to our routine so I pulled WWE out and chose seven lessons. I’ll decide at the end if I want to go back to CC or we may start Writing With Style.

Friday- Got all the quizzes completed, went out for lunch and generally had a great day. He loves WWE so that may sway me away from Classical Comp, which I like, but it is very hard to teach to one student. I feel like I’m giving way too much of it to him. I can see that in a classroom or Co-op you’d have the collaboration among students that would make it work- but here at our house- not so much.