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Homeschool: Week Nine

Homeschool: Week Nine

Someone asked me about our actual logistics and so I’m typing this up a little differently. Since I have just one student and he is the 5th in a series so we’re more relaxed than some of you might be.

Monday- We’ve been doing all our reading in the morning after breakfast. After lunch we went up to the treadmill and walked for an hour each. From about 1-4 we did all the book work and lecture.

Latin- I taught the new lesson and we did section 1 of the workbook with reviewing the cards and forms.

Math- We did one lesson and a review fact sheet.

Grammar- One lesson and the grammar recitation cards.

Comp- We went over the Maxim of the week and wrote the Econium.

American History- We read about half the lesson and then rabbit trailed into Paul Revere and his resemblance to Jack Black. Google it and see if you agree.

Lit- The Trojan War we’re just one chapter away from the end. That probably sends like we didn’t like it. We did, but I would have liked to read it a little faster. We do the workbook orally for the most part.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday-

After I started typing out Tuesday I realized that ho hum, our days are pretty much the same now.

Tuesday we did all the cores and finally finished The Trojan War and read half a chapter in Biology.

Wednesday we went to the doctor and followed that up with a quick lunch at Ikea- where they had no gnomes. Sad day. We got home and did all the daily subjects plus started reading Anne of Green Gables. It was shockingly hard to read aloud. I’ve read this book a number of times to myself and had no idea how hard the language would be to read aloud. I may switch to the Audible version.

Thursday- We caught up on all our Bookshark EHE reading and we did a lot of Latin. So much Latin.

Friday- We took the day off for more doctor appointments, car repairs, and general weekend fun. I love the 4 day Bookshark schedule for just that reason. In week ten I’m planning to go back to the four day week except for a run through of flashcards on Friday morning.

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