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Homeschool: Week 8

Homeschool: Week 8

Week 8?

I thought it was week 7 until like Wednesday. That’s crazy considering I’m blogging the whole thing. I should be keeping track better. This was a week of interruptions, proving you don’t need an old man to throw things off kilter.

We got stuff done though. We are plodding along quite nicely.


In Book Shark, we are learning about North and South Korea, cooking up some yummy recipes from the region and reading The Big Wave by Pearl S Buck. When asked how he thought life would be if we lived in North Korea he answered, “unpleasant” so I think he gets the whole dictator/communist thing.

At the end of each country study there is a Choose Your Own Adventure type project. For China we made it easy and chose the- eat with chopsticks variation of the assignment. For Korea we went all out and cooked a whole meal. I’ll accept all your homeschool Mom accolades now. When we were Grandad watching we could never do any extras so I’m feeling pretty good about it,

I did a staggered start at the beginning of the year and so we started First Form in week 2 or 3? In any event, we’re in week three now. I’ve been teaching to a mastery level and so far he hasn’t mastered the material within the week.

I’m getting a handle on what we need to spend more or less time on and have created some new flashcards to practice the endings. He gets the vocab down pat, its the forms and endings that take maybe eight school days instead of the scheduled five. So for this next week I broke up the workbook into smaller daily chunks to stretch out the review. I wish they had a game book like they do for Elementary Latin, cause that would be sweet. We also decided to run through the flashcards daily so that we stay on top of things.

We had a lot of chaos of older kids coming and going and so I put off starting the Pre-Algebra book until next Monday. I know that we’ll need the quiet of our routine for him to concentrate on the new material. We played math games all week and he did his speed drills.

We spent an absurd amount of time on his cursive writing. We will be getting passports and so the need for a “good” signature is pressing, Whatever motivations he has, I’m psyched that we found a font that works- Getty Dubay.

Biology is going great, we worked on classifying animals this week and he loves that we own two panthers (blanket term for any large cat with a black coat) It is just the sort of science we need right now. Read, memorize, recite. We’ll do a season of more hands on stuff later.

Our American history lessons uncovered the fact that he has never watched Disney’s Pocahontas,

which made my hints during our memory flashcard session laughable.

I was pitching hints like,

She can paint with all the colors of the wind. She had a Grandmother Willow Tree.

No response.

So I open the laptop and play this:

“I’ve never watched that movie”, said child number five who is obviously neglected.

I was shocked and dismayed by my own neglect. How could this kid have gotten to the age of thirteen without Disney’s version of events? I’m making him watch the entire movie this weekend. Probably Brother Bear too while we’re at it. (Spoiler- we did not. He has like zero interest in that stuff)

I’m looking forward to week nine when we start Anne of Green Gables and the Greek Alphabet book.

Homeschool: Week Nine

Homeschool: Week Nine

Week 7

Week 7